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Pricing and Policies - 


 The usual semester Concert Fee and semester Prop Fees are now INCLUDED in your tuition.  

       YOUR MONTHLY TUITION  INCLUDES EXTRA LITTLE PROP FEES, CONCERTS FEES, ETC.  AND YOUR MONTHLY CHARGES WILL ALWAYS BE EXACTLY THE SAME.  EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT WILL BE CHARGED EVERY SINGLE MONTH, WITHOUT EVER HAVING A "NICKEL AND DIME" CHARGE POP UP IN YOUR ACCOUNTS.  Just one FLAT FEE - always - every month .    (with the exception of costumes, because some people need 'em and others don't, and some are new, and some are used, etc) 

And it will cost you no more than before.                                                 AMEN, Bruthas and Sistas !!!!

MONTHLY TUITION RATES  - I charge per "year", not "per month or class or hours".  BUT you do NOT pay the whole year at once.  The prices below show charges that have been divided into 9 equal  monthly installments for your conveeeeeeeeeenience. (Sept. - May)  You may pay one installment each month, or more than one if you like.                                                                         

One Child:  $45.00  (which includes all concert and prop fees)                                                                       Two siblings: $85.00   (which includes all concert and prop fees)                                                                      Three siblings: $115.00   (which includes all concert and prop fees)                                                                  Four Siblings:   $130.00   (which includes all concert and prop fees)                                                                  Five Siblings: What do I look like, Mother Goose? (5th gosling is free)

REGISTRATION FEE  $40 / family per year   As with all performance groups, there is a registration fee due upon registering each year.  This fee covers music orchestration, live music rights, rehearsal tracks (CDs and digital), lesson materials, paperwork, software fees, and dozens of other costs.  

Note:  registration is good for the entire year.  If any siblings join us in the Spring, you do NOT need to pay again.  

CONCERT FEE -   included in your tuition payment.   This allows me to offer free admission to as many friends and family as you want to invite to our concerts at the beautiful Idaho Falls Frontier Center.  This fee helps offset hefty costs of the stage technicians, lighting crew, sound techs,  videographers, rental fees of the auditorium, and backstage holding room rentals.   This is a highly professional show in a world class auditorium.  An experience your child will get nowhere else!  The concerts are FREE to the public, so invite all your family, neighbors, friends, and enemies. 

PROP FEES  included in your tuition payment.        This covers any props we use in the shows OR in class (you keep!) as well as instruction materials, prizes, etc.  

COSTUME FEES  (due in Nov/ Mar, if needed)                               

Boys    *$16.00 for Ties, shirt accessories.  I order these for you. However, STARTING THIS YEAR, YOU WILL FIND YOUR SON HIS OWN BLACK, BUTTON UP, LONG SLEEVED, COLLARED SHIRT FOR THE CONCERT.  Here are 3 suggested links on Amazon to make this super easy for you:      or 


              MUCH of the time,  I have many *used boys'' ties and cumberbunds in my inventory, as people turn their "old" items in to me and I sell them for them and they get money back for their used accessories.   Used Ties and Accessories  may be purchased at 40% off the price of new items.                              

Boys also (as always) provide on your own :  black dress pants, black socks, completely black shoes and (new this year) your black shirt (SEE ABOVE for ordering suggestions) 

Girls pre-thru 2nd grade: $46.00 for ruffle top. 

Girls 3rd grade and Older:  $46.00 for shimmer top and accessories  

     I order these for you.  MUCH of the time, however, I have many *used girls' costume items in my inventory, as people turn their "too small" items in to me and I sell them for them and they get money back for their used costumes.  If my inventory has your size, used girls tops may be purchased at 40% off the price of new items.  

    TaVaci hair accessories are also available for purchase at costume purchasing time. 

Girls provide on their own:  black dress pants / leggings,  black socks, completely black shoes

COSTUME GOOD NEWS: TaVaci costumes are the same for every show - Christmas and Spring - and every year.  You buy ONE costume for TaVaci.  When your student turns into a 3rd grader, your child advances to the "older kids" costume and you turn their "younger costume" in to me for used re-sale.   You also may be able to sell your used costume when it no longer fits, (by turning it into me)  and / or buy used pieces from my returned inventory as your child grows. 


1.   You may pay through VENMO.                                                                                   My Venmo account is   @Terri-Lent    

2.  Your student may bring a check to class and place it in our blue box.   (does not need to be in an envelope)                                         

3.   You may mail payments by check to: Terri Lent  1186 Caysie Cir.  IF  83402

4.  Your student may bring cash to class IN AN ENVELOPE WITH YOUR NAME ON IT and place it in our blue box.                                 

 5. You may pay through your bank account's bill pay system”.  When you pay your bills online through your bank, you can add me as a biller. 


Performances                                                              The concert is an integral part of your child's performance training, as well as their big reward (and yours).  It's the most positive of all the music activities in improving self esteem and confidence.  There will be two concerts annually (Christmas and Spring).  All concerts and performances are free and open to the public.  

MEDIA RELEASE                                                        I understand my child may be photographed or video taped for promotional, training, or social media purposes.  We never share full names of children or any personal details.  

Please contact me with any questions!   Terri Lent    208-521-9029                                                                                         


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